08 March 2015
Acer expands Chromebox lineup to include Intel i3 processors

Acer has been driving the Chromebox along since they became an option for Chrome OS users. There have been limitation in hardware for the most part, with the more expensive Chromebox for Meetings edition sporting Intel i7 and there being no choice in the mid-range.

Acer has now improved this with their latest Chromebox offerings. They had added two versions that both come with i3 processors, a welcome upgrade from the usual Celeron processors that seem to adorn most Chromebox at the lower range.

What are the differences between the two Acer Chromebox’s? There is the first Chromebox (CXI-i34GKM) comes with 4GB of RAM and the more expensive one (CXI-i38GKM) comes with 8GB of RAM. Both have 16gb solid state drive.

It’s a positive move for Chromebox enthusiasts because there has been a distinct lack of any devices in outside of the affordable range. Retailers have only stocked the lower-range devices that sport 2GB of RAM and slower speed Celeron processors. Acer are firmly positioning these Chromebox for SMBs and educational customers.

We can really see the new Acer Chromebox fitting in with companies that have a need to hot desk. Google Apps for Work makes it so easy to login to a Chromebox and have all your familiar bookmarks and files waiting for you.

Whilst these Acer Chromebox’s would excel in a hot-desking, that doesn’t mean it is it’s only viable application. The power that they have thanks to the Intel i3 – these machines will be searingly fast!

We are looking forward to these arriving and will be sure to review them for you too.