18 August 2016
Back to School with Chromebooks

The back-to-school rush can incur all kinds of trivial cost – be it pens, pads, protractors – the list goes on. However don’t panic: it’s not a prerequisite as blogger Tak Sato will attest to. Writing for the Bay Village Observer, he recognised how ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) is becoming the norm in classrooms, with a device for every student. “As digital world tools such as computers and tablets continue to be commoditised,” pen and paper be phased out as impractical alternatives.

We work closely with a host of schools – local and international – and Sato’s evaluation chimes with our experience. Tech is now an essential part of the classroom and according to Sato, is producing “digital-world citizens equipped with the highest aptitude of digital literacy”. While social media is already a cornerstone of everyday life, so too will cloud computing become second nature in schools.  

We’ll take this opportunity to extoll the virtues of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) for which Chromebooks are purpose built. Sato stresses, “GAFE is very budget friendly, because the suite of productivity software is available for free in ‘the cloud’, and can be accessed by any device. Schools only have to supply the connection to the internet.”

So you have the internet sorted; what about the BYOD? We suggest the ASUS C202 (coming soon to Chromebooks for Work). It’s tailored for use in school with an easy grip and the fact it only weighs 2.65lbs; it’s also built to last with a spill-resistant keyboard and a reinforced rubber guard. By investing long-term in a device like the C202, back to school spend can be minimised as well as preparing students for the digital landscape ahead of them.