06 November 2015
Business Class: The Dell 13

You know we always like to show off the latest products as they hit our desks and today is no different. Introducing the Dell 13, or otherwise known as the ‘business class’ Chromebook.

As the market stands, Chromebooks have sometimes been cast as a low cost tool, doing the job but that’s about it. We object to that because Chromebooks are designed for remote working, travelling light and Cloud storage as opposed to downloading a tonne of data or running multiple programs at once. Essentially they’re built for purpose, however things are changing as the Chromebook continues to evolve.

Here enters the Dell 13. This brand new model is leading the way in Chromebooks’ change of image, being pegged as the far superior ‘business class’ option and targeting Directors and CIOs alike. With detail including a woven carbon fibre shell, glass trackpad and backlit keyboard, so far so stylish, but what really makes this business class?

Thanks for asking. As our resident expert, Sam says, ‘the design is only the face for a Chromebook,’ and with 4GB RAM plus the options of both an i3 and i5 processor, we see what he means. This model has evolved far and away from the ‘low cost tool’ simply doing the job, as has the new level of resolution with a fully HD, anti-glare 1080p display.

With such powerful features, inevitably the question of money comes up and to be fair these are some of the more expensive models out there. For good reason though as the functionality warrants it with enterprise support and the fact that it’s highly configurable. Indeed we’d go as far to say that the reason you’re paying top dollar is because you’re getting the top product on the market. To our minds business class means the best.

With three options – a Celeron Processor, Broadwell Core i3 and up to a Broadwell Core i5 –  the price ranges from £360 to £690. Whether you’re a Director or aspiring to be one, we think it’s worth that extra money for a product which outperforms all that came before.