29 March 2015
Chromebook Pixel 2 is officially announced and ready to buy

After the rumours comes the confirmation. The Chromebook Pixel 2 has now been confirmed and has been sent to major technology publications for review. Google had said at their Teamwork event in San Diego that a Pixel 2 was on the horizon and was likely to be release in limited numbers. Just one whole month later and we not only know that it is coming, we also know the price tag too.

First things first, let’s look into what makes the Chromebook Pixel 2 an upgrade from the original Pixel that won a legion of fans who love Chrome OS. You can include us in that mix because three of us here use the Pixel as our main machine.


The spec has been dramatically improved to take advantage of the latest and highest end Intel processors. You will now have a choice of an i5 or an i7 dependent on which model you go for.

The minimum RAM has also been boosted to 8gb with the maximum now being 16gb. These Chromebooks are designed for people who need power. Lots and lots of power.


This is the first Google product that will be using the USB-C socket. A universal socket that will enable you to use just one port for your display, power and communication needs.

The vision for laptops is that they will all use the USB-C socket. This will make chargers fully compatible with other devices and not reliant on manufacturer specific chargers.

The trend of using a universal, reversible and very slim port also means that laptop designs will get lighter and smaller. A trend we can all get behind.

Battery Life

Early reviews indicate that the battery performance of the Pixel 2 is very special indeed. Why this is note-worthy when Chromebooks are famous for this is all based on the spec and hardware the Pixel 2 runs. It has got a retina-like display, you have the latest and fastest Intel processors running on it. This battery will last you all day.

There has also been a very nifty little feature added that allows you to get the energy level of your battery from just tapping the lid of the Chromebook Pixel. When you tap, your Chromebook Pixel’s LEDs will light up to show you visually how much battery is left.

Unlike most laptops, you are going to find yourself less anxious about the battery life because it is so, so good.


If you want the standard edition with 8GB of RAM, 32GB SSD and Intel Core i5 its £799 (€1,110). Cheaper than last year’s Chromebook Pixel.

If you are looking for the LS edition (Ludicrous Speed so we are told) with 16GB of RAM, 64GB SSD and Intel Core i7 its £999 (€1,390). A serious upgrade for the price difference.