03 November 2015
Chromebox for Meetings vs traditional Video Conferencing

Wondering whether to take the plunge and invest in some video conferencing facilities? Well Google’s Chromebox for Meetings has been especially designed for enterprises looking for a cost-effective video conferencing platform. The ASUS version of Chromebox for Meetings for example, offers an off-the-shelf package with a very fast processor. Whilst it does not include a number of the high-end features offered by traditional video conferencing vendors such as Cisco and Polycom, it’s likely that your organisation can do without these.

Features like broadcast quality audio, special lighting and sound proofing may seem desirable but the additional cost of providing this functionality is why installing these solutions can cost several thousand or even tens of thousands of pounds / Euros more. This is compared to around £800 (€1,100) for the Chromebox for Meetings platform. Furthermore, these solutions are much more difficult and time consuming to set-up and will almost certainly require the help of IT technicians to install. Compare this to the plug-and-go set-up of Chromebox for Meetings which represents a significant saving in both time and money.

Currently, Chromebox for Meetings can support up to 15 different video sessions, but Google is working with hardware vendors to add more options for larger rooms and features. So, there is no doubt that functionality will continue to increase.

Chromebox for Meetings has most of the things you need out-of-the-box but we’ll go through a list of all the other things you’ll need to consider:

  • A room with enough space for a table and several chairs.
  • The ability to shut out most background noise – conferencing in a shared office environment is often too noisy.
  • A HDTV or large monitor, the size is up to you – the quality of Hangouts on a 50” / 127cm HDTV is very good.
  • Reasonable Internet bandwidth – 1Mbps outbound / 2Mbps inbound for standard definition video, or 2.6Mbps outbound / 4Mbps inbound for HD video (these support up to 10 inbound video sessions )

It couldn’t be simpler to get your video conferencing room up and running with Chromebox for Meetings. When you factor in price and ease of use, it may well be the best video conferencing solution available.

For lots more details visit Chromebox for Meetings