01 April 2015
Google Now is coming to Chromebooks

Android and Chrome OS are coming closer together. It’s happening right before our eyes. More features of Android find their way on to our Chromebook. Now it is the time for Google Now to become a part of Chrome OS.

Google Now has really spread through the Android Ecosystem. It has been part of Android Wear from the very beginning, giving watch wearers updates on the weather, the latest football scores and even Amazon dispatch notices.

Google Now coming to the Chromebook is exciting. Yes, it is to those who love Google Now and also those who don’t. It means that Google is prepping for more unity between Android and Chrome OS to be a reality quicker than we thought.

Google Now for Chrome OS is still in beta right now and is an opt-in service. To get it, you need to change your Chromebook over to the Dev Channel. If you don’t know how to do it then there is a guide here.

Aside from Google Now giving you mobile-like access to Google such as searches, weather reports and various other alerts, it also brings our first glimpse of material design becoming a part of Chrome OS

The Google team detailed what to expect from Google Now on Chrome OS with this forum post. Ernest from Google also explained other new features coming to the dev channel including easier password-protected zip unzipping and time zone auto update.

We tried out Google Now on our own Chromebook and were impressed with how it has transitioned over to the new platform. It gives your Chromebook a whole new home screen that is bound to improve in usefulness over time.

Any sceptical Chromebook user need not worry about Google Now’s impact. It doesn’t take over anything and makes using your Chromebook even easier than before.