03 March 2015
How to use keyboard shortcuts with Google Play Music

Google Play Music was introduced back in November 2011 as an online locker for your downloaded music. It has evolved since into a streaming music service that now services the UK. It has always worked as a native app inside your browser, making it the perfect music player for your Chromebook.

There are limitations when it comes to listening to your music within a browser. You have to find the tab amongst your many tabs to change your track or fine tune the audio as well. There is an extension that will allow you to see what track you are listening to whilst you are working away, and yet, it will not do anything else. A missed opportunity? We certainly think so.

We have found a neat workaround that will give you that all important keyboard shortcuts that you want and give yourself the option to change track without leaving your work.

The images and method were found here on image sharing website

1) You need to make sure that you have the Google Play Music Extension installed


2) Open “keyboard shortcuts” it’s located at the very bottom of the extensions page

3) Once done, go to Google Play Music and make sure that you change the default keys because not all of them are on the keyboard layout of a Chromebook