26 March 2015
HP release new 11 and 14 inch Chromebooks

HP have really embraced the Chromebook. Their previous success Chromebook releases have been enjoyed by many, earning rave reviews along the way. They also had the advantage of looking different than most Chromebooks, sporting colours such as peach, white and blue.

We were lucky enough to be given a sneak preview of the latest HP Chromebooks that are being released to the market very shortly. There has to be some perks to the job right?

The new HP Chromebook comes in a new, matte material that is in black. This is an all new side to HP when it comes to Chromebooks! Yes, it is certainly nothing new to get a laptop in black. Forgive me for getting too excited.

HP 11

You’ve seen many of these before. The small, neat Chromebook. The old HP 11 was certainly one of the most popular that has ever been released.

Has HP continued on in the same form? Definitely!

One of the best upgrades has come in the form of the keyboard. I’m a big fan of short travel keyboards and this new HP 11 keyboard feels slick to type on.

You also have the big benefit of a keyboard that doesn’t feel like a bunched-up tiny thing. It is totally comfortable to type on all day.

How do I know? I used this Chromebook all day and loved it.

Getting away from the typical issues that arise from the small Chromebook form factor, I’m also going to look into the performance too.

Performance and Display

Well, huge spoiler time. This HP 11 Chromebook is a nippy upgrade from the last time. There are noticeable smaller delays. There are much smoother transitions between pages being rendered. You can have over 10 tabs up and not experience any kind of lag.

It’s not just browser tabs that matter. If you are someone that uses a lot of Google Sheets and Docs, you are also going to benefit from the extra power that is under the hood.

Admittedly, the on-paper spec increase is small yet in real terms it sure made an impact.

The display is very similar to what we saw in the last HP 11. You have a good colour gamut so colours don’t look so washed out and the pixel pitch at the native resolution is good. Good is the name of the game here.

Overall, you’ll be hard pressed right now to find a better 11 inch laptop at this price point from any other manufacturer. If there is one thing that is positive for people who want a small laptop, any Chromebook will give you exactly what you need.

HP 14

The original HP 14 certainly had its admirers. It had bold colours (colours get mentioned a lot when it comes to HP Chromebooks) and it certainly packed a punch.

You have to hand it to HP. This new 14 inch Chromebook is excellent. Let me tell you why.

First things first, this was by far my favourite Chromebook to use. I much prefer the bigger screen and having more space to place my hands on the body of the laptop. I also used the higher spec model that comes with the 4G modem on board.

The keyboard is more generously sized than the 11 inch edition and it provides the same great short travel keys that I raved about earlier.

Along with that you have a trackpad that feels pleasant to touch and is very responsive. If there is one thing that most Chromebooks have nailed, it is the trackpad. The HP 14 is no exception.

Performance and Display

Having been so impressed with the HP 11 spec, I did doubt that I would feel such a difference in real usage. I was wrong. This is yet another level of performance enhancement.

This was most noticeable with over 20 tabs open and complicated, power-hungry programs running like Sheets and Docs. The HP 14 could take on more stress. It’s marginal though noticeable.

If you are a light user then the difference between the 14 and 11 is not going to be as striking.

Where the extra money goes for the HP 14 is in the screen size of course. You’ve got a bigger screen and a better resolution. What that translates into is more space for your tabs and workspace with your documents.

The trade-off comes in the form of it being weightier and bigger than the HP 11. It depends what you want the most and I wouldn’t influence your decision beyond that

One more thing…

One big extra to our HP 14 that we had for review was the 4G sim-card slot. This means that you will be able to put in your sim card and use your data to get online virtually anywhere.

Chromebooks do work offline but no one wants to be offline with a computer anymore. When you have wireless data added to a portable Chromebook like this with great battery life, I think you can see the future.

You can roam work without having to be worried about where you are going to get a Wifi connection. That worry is over when you have a sim installed.

It is a wonder why more manufacturers of Chromebooks haven’t pushed the option of 4G even harder. It makes the process of working outside of your office far less limiting.

Tablets have had this function for quite sometime and network operators have been quick to push the benefits and sell more devices. Now that the general public (particularly business users) are more aware how data works with mobile devices, why not bring that to your laptop as well.

The HP 14 is going to give business users more ways to cut the chord and get even more freedom from outside of their office to work.