07 April 2015
More Android apps are coming to your Chromebook

The good news just keeps coming for Chromebook lovers. You may remember a few months ago now that a few android apps were released on to Chrome OS, bringing the two platforms closer together than ever.

Now there are even more apps being officially released with full Chrome OS compatibility.

It’s exciting news because it shows Google’s commitment to make use of more Android features within the OS that will be welcomed by fans of both. It also points to a future where even more apps will be released and devs will be conscious of making their Android apps compatible with Chrome.

This time there are 4 apps that you will be able to use and they are mostly educational:

Baby Blocks

This is an educational game that is aimed at younger children. It operates like a traditional wooden blocks toy and includes engaging sound effects.

Math Friendzy

This is a maths program that is dedicated to students who want to excel. It is kid-friendly and includes access to social networks to gamify certain aspects of the app.


A staple for students that are looking to study more effectively and learn more. This is a powerful flashcard solution

Photo Editor

Pretty self-explanatory app. Photo editor brings simple photo manipulation with a gorgeous user interface at the heart of it.

What’s coming next?

Rumour has it that the multi-format and all singing all dancing VLC Android app will be headed over to Chrome soon. There is nothing official about it yet but it would be a very welcomed addition to anyones Chromebook.

When it comes to media performance, you can see that Android handles it better than Chrome OS does natively. By adding in an app like VLC, we will see Chrome OS go to a new level.