01 March 2016
Play for Education says goodbye to Android

Google Play for Education is removing its offer from Android on the 14th of March 2016 – or there about – to make way for their new compact approach, focusing on Chrome devices.

A member of the Google Apps family, Play for Education offers educators new ways of engaging students. With a wealth of Android and Chrome apps (pre-approved by teachers and industry experts), the platform is designed specifically for learning. For instance take Duolingo, the app where pupils can learn languages with the help of interactive games. By answering questions and participating in lessons on their device, learning is made more like their day-to-day lives and simply more fun!

Alongside apps are educational videos and a collection of classic books, all there to cultivate a rounded experience for fresh, young minds. These can be promoted through G+ groups and fed out to the class’ devices, so they’re using the right app at the right time (no surfing the internet, please). The fact that Google organises the Play storefront into age ranges and education types means it’s that much easier for educators to focus on individual students rather than managing lesson plans.

If you’re an Android user, don’t panic, as within this last two week window you can still sign up for Play for Education on Android and gain Google’s full support for your class. With a one time fee of £19 (€23) per license, all the apps, books and more are included. Where I come in is with the tools for the job. 

Please get in touch to learn more.