Chrome Tablet 10

Acer D651N

The Chromebook Tab 10 delivers top of the line image quality in breathtakingly crisp 2048x1536 QXGA resolution.
Also, with 100 GB of additional Google Drive Storage, you can save and access files from any web-accessible device, wherever you are.

With fast and accurate control, and a natural writing experience the Wacom® technology pen provides unsurpassed usability.

Chrome OS's streamlined delivery gives fast operation, enhanced security, intuitive use and a long battery life.

Manufacture Acer Model D651N Battery Life 10 hours Memory 4 GB Processor OP1 Processor dual-core Cortex-A72+ quad-core Cortex-A53 Resolution 2048x1536 QXGA resolution Screen output - Screen size 9.7 SD No Storage 32GB 3G enabled No USB ports 2 Weight 1 KG