Chrome Management Console

Chrome Device Management

Chrome Management Console or Chrome device management helps organisations manage Chrome devices. A Chrome device management administration console connected to the Google Apps control panel configures device settings remotely including:

- Restrict which users can use the device;
- Disable "Guest" mode;
- Restrict the applications that users can use;
- Restrict the URL's users can access;
- Define network configuration (WiFi, Proxy, etc.);
- Specify which apps appear on users desktop
- Set up screen lock when not in use;
- Delete hard drive content when the user logs out.

All these features allow an administrator to pre-configure a user's device before they switch it on for the first time.

There are 3 versions available for purchase each with 3 years Google support. Price shown is per device licence, minimum order 5.

- Chrome Management Console for Business
- Chrome Management Console for Education
- Chrome Management Console for Non Profits