ASUS have upgraded their ever popular C200 Chromebook, in the form of the brand new C201. Keeping with the same 11.6" screen size, this unit is ultra-portable and perfect for those that are on the move and still need to gain access to emails.

The upgrade of this unit comes in form of RAM. With it's predecessor limited to just 2gb RAM, the C201 now boasts 4gb RAM to speed up browsing with multiple tabs open. To speed thing up even more, you also now receive a Rockchip Cortex-A17 which steps away from the standard Celeron processor usually associated with Chromebooks.

As well as all of this, you can now expect an extra 2 hours of battery life, which takes the total up to 13!

Estimated time of delivery 2 weeks.

Manufacture ASUS Model C201 Battery Life 13 hours Memory 4gb RAM Processor Rockchip Cortex-A17 Resolution 1366 x 768 Screen output Micro HDMI Screen size 11.6" SD No Storage 16gb 3G enabled No USB ports 2 Weight 900g