Chromebox For Meetings

ASUS Chromebox for Meetings


Chromebox for Meetings is a powerful video conferencing tool that allows you to connect with up to 25 simultaneous video sessions all over the world. This powerful video conferencing equipment package designed by Google allows you to meet with anyone on any device, whether this be from the conference room to the home office or even the service station. The ideal companion to Chromebooks for work. Google's Calendar can be synced to the Chromebox for Meetings, which enables you to connect to a video conference seamlessly. One click from the remote connects you instantly! Long gone are the days of dial-in-codes.

The Asus Chromebox for Meetings video conferencing equipment package includes: ASUS M064U Chromebox, HD Camera, Speaker/Microphone, keyboard/mouse controller and Management Console software.

*Please Note: The Chromebox for Meetings includes a yearly license which will need to be renewed each year for £210 +VAT after purchase.
*Please Note: For the first time buyers there is a minimum purchase of two units in order to use the solution.

Manufacture ASUS Model Chromebox for Meetings Battery Life Memory 4GB Processor Intel i7 Resolution Screen output HDMI, Display Port Screen size SD No Storage 32GB 3G enabled No USB ports 4 Weight 1.8 kg