14 October 2015
Three reasons to choose a Chromebook

The more we speak to customers, certain questions come up again and again. This week that’s meant one thing: why choose a Chromebook?

   Google Apps

First and foremost if you’re a Google Apps user (which you all should be by now… seriously) then a Chromebook just makes sense. It’s not a necessity as plenty of people use the Apps suite from other devices, but Chromebooks were designed by Google; made specifically to work in line with and easily access all your Apps. While it’s got a relatively low storage allowance (16-32gb) that doesn’t matter as all your data is saved in an unlimited Cloud.

   (Harder) Better Faster

It’s commonly considered an issue that as your laptop gets older, it gets slower and harder to use. We’re all familiar with that wheezing, vaguely panic-inducing sound laptops make as they start to age: not a problem with Chromebook. In fact not only do they not slow down, they get faster as your Google Drive is constantly updating itself and backing up. So rather than waiting twenty minutes while updates install, you’re online in seconds. Also the more you use your Apps, the more they learn how you work and tailor themselves to you.

   It’s Easy!

We all want an easy life and- given Google’s tagline is ‘work the way you live’- it makes sense that Chromebooks are incredibly simple to use. Lightweight and portable, they’re great for travel and with a long battery life you could come into the office without your charger and without a worry. With this rather than running a load of programmes alongside one another, all usage takes place in your browser simplifying the way you work. And if you need YET another reason (you’ve earned it), your Chromebook has built-in antivirus so you don’t need to download a thing. What could be easier than that?

Let’s see what Google has to say on the subject…